Blowing out the candles
Because a happy character usually means an unhappy reader.

Old ways

Her power was back in her hands. Still safe and hidden away from the eyes of those who would want to get a hold of it. Even Elias was not allowed to be anywhere near, even though he’s been taking care of her for two weeks, when her body looked more like a chopped beef than a woman. There was no person she did trust enough to share what Death has returned to her. Because let’s face it, there never was a person that did not turn out to be a disappointment.

With the crystal wrapped up in a couple of clothes and hidden deep in her bag, she left her cold apartment, deciding that any place was much warmer than that.
What she faced outside made her groan in pain. Cold wind blowing straight into her face was irritating her blootshot eyes much more than she expected. Soon she could feel that annoying pulsating pain in her temple, and that made her stop and approach the edge of the sidewalk. Since all she could to was try to catch a ride, that was what she did. Stood there in her long, leather coat, waving at people, hoping for someone to stop for her.

Of course! Not a simple taxi stopped. Pretty annoyed, Eriu looked around, narrowing her eyes because of wind and pressing her lips together, falling in thought.